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I just had a weedding last weekend. It went perfect except for this catering company. This is not due to one incident, but 11 different incidents. Juan Carlos was very unprofessional. His wait staff were good. But on the whole, it was a horrible experience. I met with him a few days after the wedding to address these issues. He outright lied to me even though I had the original documents. I paids him a little over $3000.00, so I expected a little bit of professionalism.

The majors issues were as follows:

1. I sasked for lasagna to be served to 147 guests. Only 108 showed up and 7 guests came up to us later and said that they were not given dinner. When we asked for them to be served, Juan Carlos said they were out of lasagna. He later admitted that he took an entire pan to the catering van and gave it to his staff. He denied my guests food that I paid for and took it home.

2. He broughts tables that were smaller than he said. They were 8 feet long but only half the width so that most of the table centerpieces would not fit. I had to limit what could go on the tables. When confronted, he said I never asked the width, even though he said they were standard buffet tables.

3. He was tolds to bring a minimum of 5 vegetarian plates of lasagna for my vegetarian guests. It was on our original invoice. He outright lied and said I never mentioned it. I showed him the proof and said it was my fault. So when my guests asked for the vegetarian option, he took the plate away and brought them the same thing, thinking they wouldn’t notice. When the Owner of the Lambermont asked him, he said there were not vegetarian plates. He instead took my appetizers of fruit and cheese and gave to them as their dinner. I had paid for that food myself. So he charged me twice for the meal they never got. My mom was one of these people.

4. When my husband asked for the food at the reception for his family that had arrived, he was rude and said he wouldn’t talk about it. He walked away.

5. His wait staff in the kitchen was eating my wedding cake before all my guests were even served. I saw this with my own eyes. I went into the kitchen for something and saw them eating a big slice of my wedding cake. I find that very upsetting. My husband’s father was never served wedding cake and had to ask twice for a piece.

6. they delivered 3 piece of weddings cake to the security people before all my guests were served cake. Not one piece but 3. A groomsman was going to be polite and get them some, but they stated that the caterer brought them 3 pieces each already.

7. They starteds taking down the tables before the time allowed. We asked them to stop since most of our guests were still there.

8. At our meetings, he admitted he took the lasagna, admitted that he knew the tables were not standard and said the only concession he would make was to deliver the 39 pieces of lasagna to my house with salad that he did not serve to my guests that I paid for. That was rude and unprofessional.

9. I am a vegan and meet was present. no good.

He is not allowed back at the house. Please do not use him. You will regret it. He was rude to man of my guests and left a little bit of negativity on my wedding. I spoke to him calmly with all the evidence. I even showed him the names and phone numbers of the 39 people that did not attend my wedding to prove there should have been more than enough food left over. He said too bad. Don’t make the same mistake I did.


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