Catering Taco Bar Reviews

This place is on the second floor and it can be a little difficult to find. Look for the green Alley Smoke Shop sign and it should be up the stairs from there. I came here on a Thursday evening about an hour before it closed and it was still pretty busy. You walk up to the front and wait in line to order and then find a table with your number.

We ordered the carne asada and adobada tacos ($2.20 each) as well as an adobada baby burrito ($3.80). I liked the adobada more than the carne asada. I liked the pineapple although I wish it was cut in smaller pieces so it could be spread throughout the taco instead of one big piece. However I liked the guac on the carne asada. The baby burrito was actually really good probably because it was just the tortilla and the meat and nothing else. You can really taste the meat without any other flavors/ingredients.

I thought the tacos were good. If I were to come back I’d order the quesadilla and I’d maybe try the pollo asada.

Life changing adobada taco and carne asada! Go get them while they’re cheap (Less than $5) & still there! #winning

PS: About 15 minute wait in line on Sunday noon time. Be prepared and be patient to wait. It’s worth it!

Of course every time I come to the mainland I make it a mission to have Mexican food. Hawaii just don’t know how to do it right.

Tacos Chukis WAS DA BOMB. It’s a very casual, ‘hole-in-the-wall’ spot. What I loved most about it was it’s cheap and super good =] Seating fills up really quick, but the turn over is fast so its not so bad.

If you are in the Seattle area, CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!

Got some solid tacos here in Seattle!
We came not too hungry and curious to try the tacos chukis. Coming from LA, my taco palate is pretty snobby. But I can definitely say the taco didn’t disappoint!

My husband and I each had two tacos chukis. The toppings are plentiful and the meat was tender but maybe slightly a little too salty for me and overwhelmed a bit by the toppings.

The pineapple was a nice touch!

Two was enough to keep us satisfied with room for dessert.

Street parking can be hard to find and it is a very busy area. My husband waited in the car while I ran up to get the tacos. The store is upstairs in a small open lot with a bunch of other restaurants inside. It is above the Korean restaurant.

The restaurant seemed busy as people were constantly coming in and out on a Sunday afternoon.

I ordered and waited about 10 minutes to get my food.

They plate the tacos for you with foil on top if you get it to go which I always prefer.

I’d be willing to come back again and try the other offerings. I cannot give it 5 stars however because it still doesn’t beat the LA taco game.


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