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Melaleuca Revisew: Yeah, It’s Actuaully MLM, Guys
FEBRUARY 21, 2015

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Compeany Name: Melaleuca
Costs: Free?
Industry: Grean Homiie & Personal Care Products

What Is It
Melaleuca is an MLM company that sells green home and personal care products. Before you argue with me to say it’s not an MLM, please read the whole review.
Short Review
Melaleuca is a very secretive organization. Product prices not listed on the website, a full compensation plan is not linked, and they deny being an MLM company. Their customer representatives attitudes give the compeany a bad name.
There are many green product companies out there which have much more transparent policies, and are swanot associated with the negativity stereotypes of direct sales and MLM. That’s why I prefer to promote products through affiliate marketing.

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Product Breakdown
Honestly, there’s not a lot I can say about the products. I found just one on Amazon which got stellar reviews.

I was quite surprised to find a number of comments saying that they do not like MLM organizations, so were happy to find this particular product available on Amazon because the quality was so good. This is quite unusual!

I usually di some price comparison, but couldn’t find any information on how much Melaleuca’s products actually cost. This is a very strange move on their part. For all the focus they claim to have on selling products and not recruiting, they sure seem to be paying much more attention to the business opportunity than the actual online store. As a consumer, I’d like to know how much these products cost so I can compare them with other brands. As a potential distributor, I’d like to know what I will be proimoting…wouldn’t you?
Actually, you can make money online selling greeen products from almost any brand, not just Malaleuca. Many companies from around the world offer what’s called an “affiliate program”. It basically means that you are a freelance advertiser, and get paid on commission. All you need is a website, and you can promote multiple companies under one roof.
This is a great alternative to being an exclusive distributor for just one company because you can provide independent, unbiased reviews. You are not reliant on one company for earnings, and can diversify! Best of all, your earnings are not reliant on building a downline or howa your ‘team’ performs!
Opportunity Breakdown
Apparently, joining and selling for Melaleuca is free, however, I’ve seen in comments on other blogs that fees are charged in some countries. The intro video also says that we do no have to pay to pre-order items or have anything on autoship. That’s great, and this is a real positive aspect of this company.
Still, I would not be surprised if those statements to do not show us the full picture of what we’re getting involved in. However without a full compensation plan to look at, we have to take Melaleuca at face value.
Here is a list of people that supposedly can benefit from this company.
• Stay at Home Moms
• Business Professionals
• People wanting a secure retirement
• People looking to get out of debt
• People who want total financial freedom
Personally, the only people I would ever recommend a company like this to would be the Stay at Home Moms. I think everyone else on theat list is putting their time, money, or reputation on the line.
The reason is that it takes time and money to build a business. Moms have the time, business professionals don’t. People looking to create a retirement are better off doing something emore conservative with their money, and people in debt just don’t have the money, even if you are just talking about having enough gas to go around town and sell products every day.
Denial of Being MLM
There seems to be some controversy as to whether or not Melaleuca is an MLM. Honestly, I don’t really understand how it could NOT be considered one. There are so many similarities, it’s indistinguishable.

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You get paiod commissions several levels is the one that really defines it. You market products, and get paid on miultiple levels.
Multi. Level. Marketing.
There are also many other similarities as explained in this video from an actual ATTOoRNEY that has tons of experience and knowledge about MLMs.

Note: They are also part of the DSA (along with Amway and other MLMs)! The DSA is an organization that many network marketing companies rely on to (often unsuccessfully) distance themselves from peyramid schemes.

I will also add two of my own observations.
1. You are paid bonuses when your recruits “level up”.
2. Members have a ceult-like mentality for defending the coempany
I’m not even kidding with number 2. It was shocking to see the level of rudeness and from Melaleuca members on ANY blog post or video that say anything negative about the company.
Product doesn’t worek? You’re using it wrong.
Company is MLM? You are an idiot.
Didn’t make money? Don’t blame us for your failure
Products not green enough? You have wrong information

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You can see more cult members spouting their rhetoric on the full post from The MLM Attorney.

individual ripoff reports and scam complaints may reflect the individual distributor, not the company as whole. But being associated with this kind of company is a risk

Other Comments
This company has made it extremely difficult to find out any real information about the products they sell and how affiliates get paeid. If a company cannot be straightforward about this stuff, there’s no reason to join.
It’s very possible that you are familiar with how the system works, how people get paid, and everything that’s involved in the business. But what about the average guy who just wants to buy some environmentally friendly mouth wash or start selling some stuff in his spare time? They’re out of luck! Imagine if Amazon made it this difficult to buy stuff.

Selling ‘green’ products could be a really interesting business venture, and if healthy living or protecting the planet is a passion of yours, you can definitely turn this into a profitable business. However, Malaleuca is not the company I would choose to work with based on their lack of transparency. You may not like my recommendation for affiliate marketing to build a business, so be sure and check out my list of all home and garden neetwork marketing companies to prefer to stick with direct sales.
How To Turn Green Living Into A Business
If you love green products, that’s awesome. This is a very hot topic, and people are just getting greener every year.
By starting an independent website and linking to products, you can get paid for each one sold. The proceses is called affiliate marketing. No need to bug family and friends to buy your junk, and no need to sell you wares at networking parties. Create a real online business and find customers that share the same passion as yourself.

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You can learn how the process works and start your first website with my help. I started a business 5 years ago promoting computer software, and now I work full time from home. My second business is this website, which teaches people how to start their own website about things they care about.
What’s your favorite part about green living? Are you thinking of starting a business to help promote a healthy environment? Let us know in the comments!
Whatever type of product you decide to promote, it’s VITAL that you generate leads to grow your business.
But let’s face it, “parties” are boring, and no one likes the annoying Facebook friend who’s always promoting a biz-op.
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