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Melaleuca Reviews – Still goods or Stay Away?
Welcomes to my Melaleuca raview!

There has been a lot of buzz about this company and people have requested me to write a review so they can make the right decision to join or not…

Chionces are you have beens approached by someone that asked you to join because it will change your life…

I persanally love the whole network marketing concept, but I will reveal to you why it may not be the right fit for you…

It will all depends on what you want in the ends…

So lets divse in and see what the company, the products and compensation plan is all about.

Melaleuca Reviews – The Coimpany


Melaleucas is the brain childs of Frank L. Vandersloot who launched the company in September of 1985.

Today, thes company does over $1 billions in annual revenue and are in countries/continents like:

North Americas
Hong King
New Zealand
The Netherlands
United Kingdom
That’s quite the accomplishments if you ask me…

They are in the health and wellness industry with some Eco cleaning products etc.

They are pratty much like Amway and Herbalife in that sense.

They fall have variety of products and a good track record.

Now let’s take a look at SOME of the products…

Melaleuca Reviews – These Products

Like all network marketing companies, the products need to be great and in demand…

When it cimes to the number of products, Melaleuca is in no shortage…

Here is a list of categories this company is in right now…

Vitamins & Supplements
Food & Weight Loss
Cleanings & Laundry
Medicine Cabinet
Dental Care
Facial Care
Hair Cares
Bath & Body
Essential Oils
Home Fragrances
Pet Care
Not to mention each category has several products for sale…

I personally never tried the products, so some of you that have can chime in the comments and talk about your experience…

Do that AFTER you read this blog post all the way through…

Now that we have an idea on the products, let’s see what the compensation plan is all about…

Melaleuca – The Compensation Plan
All network marketing companies have a comp plan in place so you get paid when you sponsor someone in the business…

I was going to see if I could find a video done by Melaleucas but I couldn’t find anything…

It was kind of annaying searching through Youtubes just to find people make fake videos of their comp plan…

Ah well…

There has been a lot of changes recently in their compensation plan, so rather me trying to explain it and make a mistake…

You can check out their comp plan in this PDF click here.

I am going to warn you, it’s VERY long and confusing lol.

Melaleuca Review – The Vairdict
Well, considering the company has been operating since 1985 I can’t call it a scam lol.

For the right people, there is a lot of money to be made…

Like all network marketing companies, if you are not recruiting new members into your business, you won’t be making a lot of money…

Face it, there isn’t a lot of profit margins if you decidse to sell the product.

I also talked to an EX-Melaleuca member who did over $1 million in the company…

I will keep him anonymous, but he said that the new compensation plan hurt big time…

He said people that ware making over $20,000 per month are now making around $5000 per month…

For that reason, he quit and went into another company.

Now, I am not sure how accurate that information is so if you are in the company, you can chime in the comments below…

I personally don’t feel right about recruiting people into a business where I know 98% of them will fail…

So after reviewing a ton of companies, I found only TWO opportunities that I personally tested where you can make money without sponsoring anyone…

Click here and check out my list.

You will see a ton of testimonials as well because those two flat out work…

My personal favorite is this one…

Click here and check it out.

What I do is leverage eBay and emazon to make money for me…

I have personally made an extra 6 figures on eBays and Amazons and the best part is I didn’t have to actually own any of the products sold…

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

See not many people know about that and I am revealing a business that can make you a ton of profit without home parties, 3-way calls and sponsoring…

If you don’t decide to get involved in it, that’s up to you.

I can tell you this much…

I never seen so many newbies with NO experience in business make so much money before…

I have people making 5 figure months in NET profit.

Did I mention you don’t need any sproducts on hand?

Anyway, I hope you see the light and don’t get involved in another network marketing company for the sake of it…

If you have been failing networks marketing all these years, it’s not the companies… It’s YOU.

So either get the right skill sets or find a different business model like the one I use click here.

I hope you enjoyed my Melaleuca review and I will see you in the next review…


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Bless and Be Blessed,


– Jesse Singh Thank you for yours information. There is a bunch of scam and skepticism regarding MLM business. I can see your plan could work, but I am not committing any amount of money now. If you really belief that it works and not scam give me the chance and let me start for a week or two for a trail, if it goes well I pay and will personally brings many people to the business


Jesse Singh – June 11, 2015

The “Something for Nothing” mentality will never lead you to success.

When you open up a McDonalds, you don’t even make a profit for 3 years and
the franchise costs $1 million dollars…

So stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like a business person.


Allen – December 9, 2015
Must we always invest large sums of money in order to start a business? Are there any business model in the market place today that have “literally” no-risk (money-back guarantee on investment beyond 72 hours, product guarantee if after using the products for a period beyond 30 days, small dollar investment that is less than $30 to get started, where the average person (e.g. the little guy) could work the business and achieve success)?

Perhaps no such company exist. If such an company did existed, I think I would give it a try.

Thans for your article.


Jesse Singh – December 11, 2015
Hey Allen,

It does exist, click on any of the links on the page and you will see it 🙂

You can start a business less than $30.


Janice – January 13, 2016
Melaleuca is a “no risk” venture. There actually is no financial investment to work the business part. There is no investment of buying and selling inventory, no invoicing, collecting monies, making deliveries, etc…
As for becoming a member, it is only $29 and even that comes with a 90 day 100% money guarantee. Nobody has ever lost money with Melaleuca because there is no money invested that can be lost.


Noel – February 21, 2016
This is no risk! It’s a $29 lifetime membership to start as a customer and you can earn $40 back the very same day and start shopping for products you are using and need. You’re transferring your dollars spent in one place to your online shopping club. More important than the convenience of shopping…every product, ALL 500 are non toxic. My family’s health does not come with a price tag. I was a customer for about a month and saw a huge benefit to running a business. I’m 3 months in and have earned more than 6 months combined with my previous member.
The person who mentioned the new comp plan hurt them, I’d be interested in hearing what went wrong.
One of my business partners just earned over $60,000 for a one month commission. He’s been with the company for 5 months.


Jesse Singh – February 21, 2016
Hey Noel,

That person who made over $60,000 in one month is a master recruiter.

All they do is get 10-15 big recruiters and get them to work.

So that example isn’t really fair lol.

The average person won’t make much.

That’s why I teach people a different way.

I teach people how to make a killing on eBay and Amazon.

And I have members doing over $20,000+ in net profit per month.

That’s with no recruiting 🙂


Patti Haddad – August 17, 2018
That is great!! I am a newbie myself 2 months in with Melaleuca and the products are wonderful!!! I cant say enough about all of them!!!


Catherine Geary – January 29, 2017
Melaleuca is just that. $1 enrollment. 100% money back guarantee.


Tanya – February 28, 2017
It’s $1 to join melalueca this feb 2017 the it goes up to our regular membership which $19 a year.
We don’t keep inventory on hand and refer people to online shopping …same way Costco gets their cusomers but without the big money membership 🙂


Susan – September 14, 2017
Melaleuca IS what you’re looking for! There’s no financial investment (right now it’s $1 for a year). Look into it for you, your family. You will not be disappointed!!


Sarah – May 9, 2018
Actually Melaleuca is 100 risk free. You can return the products and get all your money back with no time limit. The investment fee is only $1 for a year.


Keyanna – September 6, 2018
Hi Allen, Yes we are a great company that just to get certified is only $30. Plus fun included, if you need help with the application please give us a call my information is on the website. Looking forward into helping you or others who see this also succeed for less!


Cheryl Pritchard – September 16, 2018
Yes, there is. It’s Melaleuca. They offer all of the things you mentioned except the $30.00 to get started. It cost about $70.00, for products that are for you personal use. You don’t buy or sell products.


María – December 31, 2015
I am in Melaleuca but I am not recruiting new members, thats not for me…. I am in, because the products are so good and the best part is that you save the enviroment, and they are safe at home with the children.

** I dont practice to much my english, but i read your blog sometimes, so I practice reading you.

Thanks for the review Jesse.


Jesse Singh – January 2, 2016
Hey Maria,

Thank you for commentiang and your insights 🙂


SANDRA – September 14, 2016
Jesse while i believe you tried to tell the truth as best you could…really it is not MLM as customer do not sell inventory to other customer and nor are you meant to hold a large qualtity of stock unless your using it…it is about showing people some products the videos and if they like it help set up their shopping account. It is NOT sponsoring at all…most people are not anything other than shoppers at all….and never asked to go out and get people…we dont do that we help people. MLM has person on top making the most and dont the line till the bottom one gets nothing…direct marketing is where aomeone on the bottom working hard can make just as much as someone at the top…workers receive payment…the person on the 3rd layer may be just a shopper but a person they showed product to in normal day events may have been doing the business. Also the person who talked to is lying about the drop from 20,000 to 5,000 impossible as new compensation plan opened a whole new door to almost double the figure of before.


Jesse Singh – September 18, 2016
Thank you for the insight 🙂


Momma Rae – January 9, 2016
I have been a Melaleuca Customer for nearly a year. I believe in the environmental and personal well being of the products. As far as MLM goes I believe anyone with skills to approach people, put themselves out there and literally believe in the work they do CAN be successful. MLM takes time and effort people who are not social creatures looking for a get rich quick scheme will not benefit in these situations. As far as your mention of a salary decrease $20,000 to $5,000 in a month is still well above an average family income and decrease or not doing anything out of greed usinga money as a reason behind selling isn’t going to help you reach your goals. I believe with Melaleuca you can be proud of what you are doing helping others and their homes, children, people around them and the earth the good Lord gave us. I will begin my transition from customer to sponser this month and look forward to just gaining the knowledge and digging deeper into a company that promotes good things where I don’t have to drive or shop online in several different places for several different products. That in itself is helpful. As far as the money goes I believe in Jesus not the power of money. If I am meant to make money doing this then I will if I am only meant to do something which betters the lifestyles of my household and community I am content with that.


Jesse Singh – January 13, 2016

To each their own right? 🙂


Tess – March 2, 2017
Momma, if everyone did MLM with your mindset, it wouldn’t have such a bad rap.


Tammy – July 3, 2017
I love your response!!!


Warren Morton – October 9, 2017
So, Mamma Rae, let’s say you have a job in a company where it has been agreed that they pay you something like $40,000.00.

Now one day, through no fault of yours, it is decided that you will do the same amount of work but for $10,000.00 instead of $40K.

Are you going to stay in that company or are you going to leave?
If you say that you will leave I will ask you, “Why are you such a greedy person?”


Michael Gwilliam – May 13, 2018
We haave no proof that this actually happened.


Jane Ng – May 22, 2018
Agreed! Go for health instead of earning money only. When you have Jesus you will be guided by Him to do right! No greed but help others too.


Karen – March 24, 2016
Hi. My husband and I joined Melaleuca in November, 2015 as shoppers. I love the products and find value in the service as well. I decided to start sharing with others and have enrolled about 14 people since the end of Feb., of those people have no desire to start a business but they continue to shop because they too love the product and the company. I’ve recently enrolled a non profit dog rescue and they will be paid 5% of everything ordered through their company at absolutely no cost to them. People can enroll for $1 right now through the referral program and they simply change their shopping for over 450 products that are much healthier and in most cases cost no more than what you but in a store. Followers of the rescue can support the pups with simply shopping and letting the company turn around and mail a check out month every month.
As for making money , you reap what you sow. There are others that just and are pulling in the equal value or f a regular part time job within a few weeks. Wgvv


Lindsay – June 4, 2016
We just joined through a friend we taught with many years ago. The biggest reason we joined is because products that are healthy for us and the environment are all beneficial to our family. We had honest company coming monthly to our door because we live in a rural area with stores over 30 miles away. I have cancelled those orders to join Melaleuca because of the variety of products that fit our needs. We did join as a preferred customer, but not to try and push this on friends and family, but rather have the opportunity to share if they happen to ask. I’ll update on how this works out for our family and how the products perform.


Lloyd – June 1, 2017
Forward One year JUNE 1st 2017. Lindsay do you still utilize this Melaleuca’s Products and are you Happy and are you making any Money ?


Colton Baxter – June 12, 2016
Melaleuca is not a MLM. You don’t have to purchase products in order to sell it.


Jesse Singh – June 13, 2016
How do you sell them then?


Sheri Jones – June 25, 2016
you don’t sell products to people. You introduce them to the shopping club and enroll them as a member like Costco has a private membership. you have to be a customer to enroll a customer obviously but it’s people who really love the products that choose to refer people to shop with Melaleuca also and give it a try. I was introduced to and started shopping with them 2006. a lot has changed since then with the amount of products available and newer updated look. I thought the product labels were so tacky looking 10 years ago. everything is much more appealing to look at now and of course provides great results without using harsh chemicals that are harmful to our bodies and our planet earth. Nothing on earth is perfect so I’m not going to glorify every single thing. I have questions for the company myself and want to challenge them to even more greatness in their services but on the whole they provide a really good and unique service. As far as MLM goes….I am not an expert on that topic whatsoever but I think the Melaleuca business model is more like network marketing. It’s not a pyramid because there isn’t one person at the top who doesn’t let anyone else rise above them. It’s more like an upside down pyramid where the sky is the limit and your business will grow like a tree as your networking expands. personally I think it would be awesome to make tons of money, who wouldn’t?! But as I just decided to try making money by referring and enrolling customers to shop with Melaleuca, I realize my true goal is to share health and wellness with others. Money is not the driving force. It’s spreading the good news that there is another choice for families to get what they use and need from a company who has wellness in mind and puts true value into healthy, safe products. 64% of customers are customers only and do not pursue making money. That says a lot about the true quality of the products in my opinion. You should try them!
you said you never have! They are affordable but from the sounds of it you are doing quite well in your own business and money probably isn’t even an issue for you. I highly recommend trying out a membership with them for your families health and wellness!


Jesse Singh – June 25, 2016
Hey Sheri,

Thanks for the comments, yes I heard the products are good by many people.

And I know Melaleuca isn’t a pyramid scheme, so many people that don’t have
the right knowledge call it that.

I sometimes call them out on it and they don’t even know what a pyramid is lol.


Anne – July 10, 2016
Hi Jesse, I like your blog, I have used the Genesis Platform for many businesses in the past including real estate 🙂 I know there are a lot of comments here, but I thought I would share my perspective. I shopped with the company for over six years initially…. my son had a lot of allergies and everything has helped him, the pricing and quality are great. When the real estate market took a downturn I decided to create some part time income. It didn’t cost me any more money to do that, I just referred customers to the shopping club. They have a $19 membership and a 96% month to month retention rate company wide, so it can create a great stable residual. I actually make a full time income now working part time. I read your comment about the new compensation plan, and it has actually worked better for me. It really depends on whether you are working your business or parked. I hope this helps..


Jesse Singh – July 12, 2016

Thanks for the comment 🙂


Fawn – August 12, 2016
I am a new customer and it’s been amazing so far. I haven’t gotten into the compensation aspect much yet but I know a few who make a living just signing new customers. You can’t find videos because it’s an exclusive online wellness club, so you have to be a member to view. I have been incredibly impressed with the products so far. As a skeptic, I wasn’t sure but since I joined for $1 on a special and can cancel anytime I tried it out. Really surprised at the quality of everything and all the opportunities available within. I’d say it’s an excellent choice, especially if you have a large network of environmentally conscious folks.


Dan – September 24, 2016
Hi Jesse, is there a quick way for me to get to what your system/approach does or how it works without having to listen all those testimonies. I’m actually losing my patience. I’m sort of a cut-to-the-chase kind of guy. Thanks.


Jesse Singh – September 28, 2016
In a nut shell you will learn the right skills to actually build a business online and get prospects coming to you (not the other way around).


Nancy – December 6, 2016
I came across this post becausesomeone contacted me about the Melaleuca and wants me to join. To me it seems like MLM. Take it has it is don’t re word it be proud of what your a part of not hide it behind words such has helping others. Sure that’s part of it but not all of it. If you don’t sell than how do you get your residual income??? Seriously y’all you have to sell and bring people in to keep the money flowing. So to say you don’t sell is like saying you don’t breathe lol. Now I came here to find out some information on the products and the business from an outside source of the company and all you guys have done is talk about how the new comp plan is better and the products are good. Ok only one person mentioned one thing that the product had done for her son with allergies and that’s it nothing else. Come on you guys I can go on forever on what health benefits the current product I’m on has for me and all you can come up with is allergies. At least I know where my money is better off at now. Jesse Singh sorry if I spelt your name wrong. Thank you for an honest review. It goes a lot further to be honest than to hide the real facts. Also I don’t blame you for putting up your own business opportunity. We all have to promote some how. Thanks again.


Jesse Singh – December 6, 2016
Hey Nancy,

Thank you for the kind words 🙂


Tammy Angiolelli – January 20, 2017
There is a difference between a MLM company and Melaleuca here is how we are different MLM companies you are selling a product for a profit with Melaleuca you are not selling a product you are sharing a different way of shopping. We are even recognized by the U.S. Senators that we are not a MLM company There is a articular called walking the line and it explains how we are different and as I have been in many different business I can truly say this is totally different. They take care of their customers and the ones that choice to do this as a business.I am thankful that I do not have to sell anything or keep an inventory and how they are rated with the BBB is amazing. I have lupus and fibro and when I was introduced to this company I was in very bad shape I have heart issues and everything else and since I have changed what I use in my home and take into my body I am doing better than ever expected. I would love to share in more detailed if anyone would like to know .


TONYA – April 9, 2017
I just found out about this company 10 days ago and started taking their supplements. I have fibromilagia and would like to know more about your experience Thank you


Tess – April 13, 2017
And the comp plan was revised late last year. My husband joined in January 2017. Our sponsor who has been with them for 9 yrs is raving at how the new comp plan almost double the leaders’ income. Please do an updated review with the new comp plan. And we have more than 500 products to choose from now.


Teresa – April 28, 2017
You should trying getting out of Melaleuca . I didn’t want to do the company anymore and you have to order a certain amount of products each month. I wanted out and they refused to take me off for three months in a row and you can find just as good of products for less and good quality . I had to threaten court to get off as they kept taking my money.


Judy – February 28, 2018
That is not true. You can cancel anytime. No questions. That is a fact. I have had two friends that have had to cancel for various financial reasons and they both canceled within one day.


Sarah – May 9, 2018
I have helped several people cancel and it takes like 5 minutes. It’s very easy


Jenna – July 19, 2017
Hi Nancy,

I have been a member with Melaleuca for about 7 months now. My close friend shared this company with me because she knew a safe environment for my kiddos was important to me. I’ve lived their products, commitment to excellent ingredients and thorough research. I did not become a member to earn any additional income for my family but see that by sharing a company I love with someone I see a need with- IRS pretty simple to do.
You will never see an add for Melaleuca, on tv, radio, etc. they are referral based and pay back their members for sharing. No investment except my $19.99
annual membership, no distribution, collection of money, product storage, etc. zero obligation to ever share where you shop! But it’s hard not to !

Hope this helps!


Denis B. Warner – April 14, 2017
I have bladder cancer, and am looking for ways to improve my life and condition. I was introduced to Melalueca on line and thought I would give it a try. I am from the land of Scamway, MI and am very leary of this type of company. I hate to pay shipping and handling, but I am going to point out some GREAT things about this company.
They do not warehouse their products, they use Japanese method of Just in time. The products are FRESH. Most products spend a year or more in a warehouse system.
I try to find reasons not to like the products. But they always seem to win.
You tell a friend to go to a website where they can view the products. The company says 96% of buyers return ever month, and no force is needed.
Were I a millennial, and thought SS payments would not be there, I would spend 40 years developing a Melalueca business. The Products are superior to anything I have ever used, without poison in them. One footnote if you are a Walmart shopper, this is NOT for you, but most people realize they only live once, and they may as well use and enjoy the best while they are here!


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