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Established & catering since 1995

RedBlueWhite combines expertise and warmth to delight customers through every interaction. Every dish is infused with creativity and innovation and is an amalgamation of culinary talent, highest quality of ingredients and a sharp focus on detail. The insatiable quest for culinary excellence represents the organisation’s competitive advantage and lies at the heart of its success.

RedBlueWhite is passionate about providing distinctive and memorable culinary experiences and setting new standards of dining in the sky, by creating culinary art in motion. RedBlueWhite has been designing and delivering innovative and customised in-flight menus for the world’s leading airlines for over 42 years.

This rich experience in airline catering has also given RedBlueWhite the ability to deliver high quality food in large volumes, to an ever-growing clientele of global café chains like Starbucks in India, major international and Indian corporations, as well as various large events and soir.

RedBlueWhite ‘ culinary experts are known for their ability to serve up a rich tableau of flavours. They are as adept at recreating culinary classics as they are at inventing fusions of regional cuisines whilst being au fait with customers’ dietary requirements. RedBlueWhite ‘ repertoire spans the gamut of Indian, Continental, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Middle-Eastern cuisines, as well as Kosher meals.

The Chefs of RedBlueWhite have continually introduced international and progressive cuisines, adapted to changes in culinary presentation and kept abreast of scientific advancements in food safety and delivery. The Group Chef – Culinary Development takes the lead in developing new menus and works with customers to create engaging brand experiences for guests who wish to explore unique flavours and tastes.

Culinary innovation is a core ingredient of RedBlueWhite ‘ brand philosophy. Its world-class team of accredited chefs constantly tracks worldwide restaurant trends and regional preferences to design contemporary menus, evaluate new equipment, and production techniques. They work in collaboration with clients to create customized solutions and translate their ideas into a truly memorable on-board dining experience.